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About Trondheim Poesi Café

Trondheim Poetry Café is a space for our stories, cultures, and positive diversities to come alive as we share through our spoken words, music and performances our healing arts of storytelling. The event is all ages with a special content advisement of decolonial, anti-racist, and mature content celebrating peace, solidarity, dignity and healing. It is A Rendez-vous of Giving and Receiving.

Creativity: Being creative is a natural part of life. It can be used in a harmful or peaceful way. When we use creativity along with hope, understanding, and the natural human ability to solve problems, such as those within ourselves, with others, or between different groups of people, poetry can help us grow and heal.

Dialogue: Starting from the recognition of human dignity in oneself and others, it’s possible to initiate a dialogue aimed at understanding each other’s divergent or convergent stances. One way to achieve this is through composing poetry that delves into conflicts from a wounded, empathetic, or dialogic standpoint, which can lead to discovering nonviolent solutions to issues. Additionally, sustaining the dialogue can be facilitated by writing poetry that promotes reconciliation or mutual respect.

Diversity: When we use creativity, respect for others, and communication in our poetry, we can start to see people as individuals rather than just groups. This is called Global Citizenship, where we don’t see the world as “us vs. them”. It’s important to celebrate diversity, which is under threat from things like globalization, violence, and colonialism.

We want to help achieve this by creating a baobab tree for poets linking with other artists and by presenting-sharing the works of poetry, recitation videos, news articles, commentaries, music and book reviews etc. on both off-site and online. We also want to work with other people and groups who have the same goal. We want to collaborate and share ideas to help poetry reach more people.

We also want to encourage nonviolent ways of thinking and solving problems through poetry. By doing this, we hope to support the United Nations and their goals of promoting diversity, human rights, and peace between different cultures.

Poetry has been a way to convey our deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions. With poetry laughter and tear can meet. Joy and sadness can mingle, to summed up, it takes us to places beyond words. We thereby invite you for an evening of spoken words, Jam, Poetry, music. There will be a revelry. Come and share with us your story or just come and listen to.

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